Knowing about the process of birth, and your birthing options can give you the strength to have a great a birth experience. Our classes are private and totally customized to YOU. You chose the topics you want to learn more about, and leave the rest behind. If you're interested in the physical process, comfort measures, coping strategies, and birth options- our class would be perfect for you. 

The custom built class means you get a unique childbirth education class perfectly built for you. 

Building your class is easy. We send you a list of all the topics we can go over, you take your pick, and then a class is written just for you. Your instructor is knowledgeable, fun, and teaches using a variety of methods. 


Class Options

Private Class
A chance for just you and your birth team to sit together and learn everything, and only thing things, you want to. Easily schedule a class that works for your timing, in the comfort of your home. 

BFF Class
Are you and your friends having babies together? If you're looking for an extra fun childbirth class think about inviting your friends who are expecting. You put together the class in your home, or our classroom. 



"I attribute my good birth to being well informed by my childbirth education course."

— R.R.

"I loved my CBE class! My wife and I had so much fun with Brielle. I really used what I learned to help my wife.”

— S.S.

"Getting to take a private class made me feel more comfortable talking about birth."

— E.H.




Ready to learn more?

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